How to use research and radio packages to launch your brand

Working with startups we have a lot of experience in launching brands and a strategy that we find successful do to this is a research and radio package. Sounds fancy right? But it’s really not as complex as you might think.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been working with the ‘Netflix of children’s books’ – Ebookadabra – to elevate the launch of the eBook platform. We recommended pulling together some research that will highlight any positives or issues in children’s reading in the UK.

Partnering with survey consultants, Censuswide, they asked 1,000 parents who have kids from the ages of 3-7 about their child’s reading – questions like what are they reading and where do they get their books from? Along with a bunch of astonishing stats, the one that stood out the most for us was that one in 20 British parents reported that their child has never read a picture book. That’s about 200,000 children in the UK!

We took this as our news hook and collaborated with Abeat Media, a digital creative agency, to pitch out the survey results and secure radio and broadcast interviews. London based British literacy charity, The Book Trust, was also on board to take part in the interviews ahead of International Children’s Book Day. Co-founder of Ebookadabra, Tom Grayson, sat with The Book Trust’s CEO, Diana Gerald, to discuss their views on the research findings to the nation.

Together with Abeat Media, we secured seven national radio interviews with stations including BBC Radio Devon, Radio Yorkshire and UBC, as well as a live broadcast appearance on the capital’s TV channel, London Live. With this broadcast coverage we reached a total audience of 2,929,000 and here is the breakdown:

  • 7 radio interviews – 770,000 weekly listeners
  • 1 TV Interview – 1,246,000 weekly viewers
  • 44 stations taking a pre-recorded interview – 913,000 weekly listeners

As well as all of that lovely coverage, we issued a press release summarising the research and secured an amazing 12 pieces of online and print coverage. It appeared with a number of education and regional titles as well as a national newswire service, including Belfast Telegraph, QA Education and Western Mail the coverage reached a total circulation of 2,173,210 readers. BOOM!

See, it’s not as daunting as you initially thought, eh? If you’re thinking about launching your brand but not sure how, maybe think about a research and radio package – we can help you, just get in touch with us through our contact page on the website.

If you would like some more information about the research with Ebookadabra, please contact