Top Five Tips on How to Get Your Business Noticed Online

We listened to a free webinar workshop hosted by Enterprise Nation as part of our annual membership, presented by Chichi Eruchalu, an online strategist who specialises in helping female solopreneurs. We have pulled together our Top five tips from her talk on how to get your business noticed online:

  1. Be visible

To increase your visibility make sure that you personalise your brand to reach your target demographic. You can do this by creating your own website that will appeal to your audience and post content that they would want to see. Startups grow through connections with many different people, so get to know your customers and treasure those precious repeat business leads.

  1. Get your own personalised website

Make sure to showcase your products and services to the world. More than two billion people use the internet, with 58 per cent of them shopping online. The internet is a 24 hour shop, so the user can go on your website any time they like. In the first instance, your website needs to impress and work for you before you enable other users on it – so make sure it’s perfect. Almost everyone uses smartphones or tablets, so mobile responsive sites are key for your business. The website helps you stay connected with your customers and build relationships.

  1. Target your demographic

In order to increase sales through your website, the key way to attract an audience is to push your products or services to people that you know will be interested. In the startup world, your best bet is to find a target demographic and spread your product/service on the platforms that they most frequently use. Ask yourself the following questions, Who are they? What is their problem? Do you have the solution? Where are they? What platforms do they hang out on? These will all help you to target your clients and drive your marketing. Remember; market to everyone – attract no one.

  1. Focus on local SEO

As a small business, it is important to make business leads locally. Setting up local SEO will help you rank higher for searches in your area and will connect you with people who are more likely to become paying clients. In reality, no one will purchase anything from you if you don’t market your brand on your own website. Spreading the word about your products could be done through many different ways, some of these include of social media platforms, content marketing and email marketing campaigns. 

  1. Use social media

Spreading content on social media is quick and easy, so don’t be afraid to post. Social media is useful in many ways, most importantly it lets you connect with your following at all times, which builds a relationship between you and the client. Wait, I’m not finished yet! – The best part of social media is that it lets you be in control of your PR and online reputation. Don’t forget, news spreads at a fast pace online – and platforms like Twitter and Facebook will definitely let you know if there is anything you’ve missed.


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