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A free downloadable PDF that provides some top tips and introduction on how to do public relations for yourself. There is a lot more to PR than banging out a press release to a media database and this guide helps to explain some of the ways you can do your own publicity.

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If you found the tips in PR 101 useful, then PR 201 is the next step for you as a basic introduction on how to do PR. This is an intense two hour masterclass with an intimate group of people to train you in different methods you can employ to do your own publicity as well as a briefing into the tools and assets you need to create to run a great press office. The session will finish with a speed networking with members of the Wern PR team who are experts in PR for startups to chat through your ideas and questions.

All attendees will receive a free book which includes detailed notes from the masterclass and examples for you to recreate your own PR documents at home.

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We believe that if you can spare three hours a week to execute a press strategy yourself than this in-depth one-to-one training is for you. Following a brief Q&A document, we will create a tailored PR training program specifically for your own individual business that includes developing a PR strategy and the tactics you need to employ to implement this. At the end of the session we will send you a fully written our PR strategy and a calendar for activation and will follow-up with you on a conference call each quarter to ensure your PR strategy stays on track. We will also throw in the names and details of x10 hand picked journalists that needs to be on your target list for you to focus on.

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