The journal edit

Unsuprisingly, given that it is January and I’m doing a whole bunch of planning for 2019, my social algorithm is serving me multiple sponsored ads for journals. However, since I was a 10-year old given my first diary with a lock (that was definitely pickable by older siblings) I’ve loved having a journal. So, this

The resolution edit

Continuing our quest to champion startups and independent businesses, we herby give you ‘The Resolution Edit’ a guide to 5 businesses you need in your 2019.

The Do’s and Don’ts of creating a unique brand

Today I attended the Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Summit at County Hall in London. Over the course of two days, the publication hosted multiple seminars and workshops including some delightful lifestyle and beauty pop-ups to keep you pampered in between. Collated from this mornings seminar, here are our Top 10 tips from the Do’s and Don’ts

Interview with Influencer

Ben Jeffries is the founder of Influencer. Influencer connects brands with famous individuals on social media, working with these Content Creators to generate a buzz organically for brands through producing creative content to advertise their products.

Brands are able to seamlessly connect with Content Creators via our platform and be able to access in-depth analytics of both the Content Creator and the campaign data.

Food Lovers Get in the Mood

In celebration of National Oyster Day this Saturday 5th August, family run fish and chip restaurant Sutton and Sons will be serving up freshly shucked oysters to Hackney locals. Oysters will be served with a side of traditional mignonette sauce made from shallots and black pepper, and tabasco sauce for those who like their oysters with a bit of spice.

8 Things To Consider When Creating a Video Production Brief

Bold Content is a London based video production company. Their inhouse team of film specialists manage the video production process from concept through to completion. The company was started with the vision of capitalising on the opportunities of marrying strong digital marketing techniques with solid video production experience

Interview with Rachel Spencer

Rachel Spencer is a freelance journalist who has been writing articles for national newspapers and magazines for over 15 years. Rachel has a huge passion for writing and she’s worked for a wide range of publications – from The Times to The Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror, Mail Online, Grazia, Heat, Closer and real life magazines like Bella, Take A Break and Woman’s Own. Rachel also runs a pet blog on

Interview with Frame and Cover

Award winning Frame & Cover was born out of a commitment to creating modern and bespoke UK made home furnishings using wholly sustainable methods.