Team Away Day at Time Run

Last week we went on a fabulous away day to a venue near London Fields on a mission to do some team bonding at Time Run – The Celestial Chain. We enjoyed it so much, we got a picture to celebrate!

I’m sure you all want to hear the back story of the game, and why it’s called The Celestial Chain… Well, once lived a rogue goddess that wanted to destroy the world, but The Celestial Chain has kept her imprisoned, until one day she tried to break free. As a team, we had to gather artefacts across time to imprison her ancient force for good.

The game was a little like The Crystal Maze, we travelled through space and time trying to solve puzzles and games all in under 12 minutes using our skills of communication, teamwork and leadership. The element of working against the clock really pressured us to do well which is why we scored 9 out of 12 artefacts. The game incorporated many special effects such as dry ice, lighting and voiceovers which definitely added to the drama.

All of us really enjoyed our away day at Time Run, we recommend this activity as great way to bond with a group of people. Make sure to follow Time Run on their socials below!

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Instagram: @timerun