Oat-rageous window takeover in Kensington

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has launched a rad new window display in Wholefoods Kensington, West London. Featuring tropical palms, cheese plant leaves, a giant carton and Broadway style lights, the unmissable window takeover will be in place for a month to celebrate the launch of the new Dairy Free flavour.

For folks who are looking for milk alternatives, this awesome new flavour will rock the taste buds of those who have previously missed out on the clean and refreshing taste of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. It will also be great news to those who don’t drink dairy such as vegans and people who are lactose intolerant, because it’s made from protein packed oats instead of cow’s milk.

This is the first time that the Bournemouth based beverage company has made a non-dairy drink and after months of research the family-owned company chose oat milk as their dairy alternative because of its subtle nutty flavour and super refreshing taste when blended and chilled with coffee.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is the perfect pick me up when you’re on the go, or makes a delicious addition to the breakfast table. For a new twist try pouring over cereal, dunking pastries, soaking overnight oats or served over ice for an extra cold hit of refreshment.

Jimmy and his crew are sampling the latest variety at Wholefoods in the Barker Building until the end of June. The tasty new sharing size Dairy Free 1 litre carton priced at £2.50 will be available in Sainsbury’s towards the end of June.

Check out www.jimmysicedcoffee.com for more info. Keep Your Chin Up with Jimmy’s Iced Coffee #KYCU

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