Jimmy’s Iced Coffee – RideClub Rally

Have you heard of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee’s The RideClub? If you haven’t, then where have you been?!

The RideClub, is a members club where Jimmy’s enthusiasts can enjoy invitations to live events, bespoke merchandise and access to brand new content through the weekly newsletter. This weekend, Jim and the team are hosting their first RideClub Rally in Dorset, exclusively for RideClub members.

Jimmy’s RideClub is for the kind of people that want to make the most of life, who want to get outdoors and hit the open road, whether you’re cruising in your classic Merc, smashing a forest trail on your push bike or rocking your Air Jordans. Jim wants everyone to come together and celebrate movement in every way.

To get involved, subscribe to The RideClub here, where you will also be able to feature your rad ride, bike, board or even skates on the website to share with other fanatics.

Need some inspiration or want to join in with the noise – use #TheRideClub on Instagram and Twitter.

You can join #TheRideClub here: http://www.jimmysicedcoffee.com/entertherideclub/