Interview with Suzi Dixon

What’s your name and where do you come from? Suzi Dixon – originally from Holt in Wiltshire, now living in Salisbury

Tell us a little bit about the publication(s) you work for? I have run for five years

When is the best time of day/week/month for someone to pitch a story to you? Anytime as I only accept email pitches – I am booked by the day for various corporate clients so my website has to be done in my ‘spare’ time

Do you need a press release or will a well thought out pitch email be enough for a story to get written? Press release please as I may file it for freelance commissions. In the past 12 months, I’ve written for Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, The Sun, Star and Telegraph, as well as various consumer magazines

How many press releases do you receive on a weekly basis (roughly speaking)? Hundreds every day – I have eight email accounts

Name one of your favourite start-ups? Mr Lee’s Noodles – Bournemouth based but with an international reach, the snacks are available in universities or to buy online. There are no nasties and the vegetarian options are delicious. It’s (very) fast food that is good for you!, with a hard-working and ambitious management team.

Quick fire round!

Apple or Android? Android
Mac or PC? PC
Apples for hands or melons for feet? Apple (iPad) for hands
Name two chocolate bars you would put together to make a super bar A Double Decker is already a super bar – you can’t improve on perfection baby

Suzi Dixon is a freelance journalist. Dixon works in The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun and many more. She is also a Senior Reporter at News Quest.

Instagram: @bournemouthnewsinfo