Interview with Rachel Roberts

What’s your name and where do you come from? Rachel Roberts, originally from good old Donnie (Doncaster) up north, but I’ve spent most of my life down south in London and Brighton.

Tell us a little bit about the publication(s) you work for? Until recently, I had a regular gig on Boundless magazine. I’d been there for nine years and it was a bit gutted when a new marketing director outsourced the magazine. But now I’m excited to be back out in the freelance world where anything seems possible. Right now, I’m writing for outlets including, Travel Weekly, The Hotel Guru, You magazine, and The Scotsman.

When is the best time of day/week/month for someone to pitch a story to you? Anytime! However, if I’m on a tight deadline it will go into my ‘to do’ folder for consideration once I’m free to look at it properly.

Do you need a press release or will a well thought out pitch email be enough for a story to get written? I like both. The quick pitch with a press release attached to flesh it out.

How many press releases do you receive on a weekly basis (roughly speaking)? Around 30.

Name one of your favourite start-ups and why? Bloom & Wild. The online florist has simplified the business of flower delivery. There’s no more faffing around, needing to be at home to sign for your ‘surprise’ bunch of blooms. They’re simply posted through the letter box. Genius.

Quick fire round

Apple or Android? Apple, of course.
Mac or PC?  Mac all the way. PC is so fiddly and counter-intuitive.
Apples for hands or melons for feet? Apples for hands.
Name two chocolate bars you would put together to make a super bar A white lion bar with a salted caramel dark chocolate. Soft, chewy and bittersweet. The PERFECT combination.

Rachel Roberts is a talented award-winning travel, culture and experiential freelance journalist with editing and copy writing as well as management skills.

Twitter: @rachiejroberts