Interview with Mike Fletcher

What’s your name and where do you come from? Hi, I’m Mike Fletcher, director of my own content agency called Slippy Media and freelancing from the beautiful Cotswolds countryside.

Tell us a little bit about the publication(s) you work for? I specialise in the events industry, plus media and digital marketing, so I write monthly content for websites such as as well as features and news for titles like M&M Global. In a former life I was an editor at Haymarket Media Group. Now I call myself a Content Provider as I offer ghost-writing services, professional photography, social media, award-entry submissions, show dailies, speaker sourcing, white papers and blogs, as well as commission-based articles and contributing editor stints.

When is the best time of day/week/month for someone to pitch a story to you? I don’t mind having ideas pitched to me as you never know, it may produce a useful contact or future collaboration. But realistically, I hardly ever pitch to commissioning editors so PRs would be better off placing the story themselves. If it helps to pitch an opinion piece, ghost-written by an experienced journalist however, let’s talk!

Do you need a press release or will a well thought out pitch email be enough for a story to get written? If the idea fits a project I’m currently working on then it will always get followed up, whatever format it arrives in.

How many press releases do you receive on a weekly basis (roughly speaking)? About 50.

Name one of your favourite start-ups? Future-facing technology start-ups such as SharpEnd

Quick fire round!

Apple or Android? Apple
Mac or PC? Mac
Apples for hands or melons for feet? Melons for feet (quick acceleration!)
Name two chocolate bars you would put together to make a super bar Dark chocolate Bounty and a mint aero

Mike Fletcher is a freelance writer, digital content provider, professional photographer, editor and journalist.

Twitter: @MikeyFletch
Instagram: @mikeyfletch
LinkedIn: Mike Fletcher