Interview with Lyon & Lyon

What’s your name and where do you come from? Benny Lyon – 1/2 of award-winning branding consultancy Lyon&Lyon

How did you spot a space in the market for your product or service? A lot of agencies do good work but we felt that many fail to challenge the client, brief or the market. Lyon&Lyon was born.

How long did you think about your business before bringing it to life? About 33 years. As twins, we always knew we would end up workling together, it’s in our blood.

How did you raise the funds to start your business? Essentially we didn’t, we hit the ground running with pre-negotiated contracts with both our previous employers. To this day the business has been fully self sufficient.

How do you stay informed – networking, newspapers, social media? Blogs (design/lifetsyle), instagram, magazines, feeling the wind through the hair.

Tell us about one of your business low-points and what you learnt from it Really anytime there isn’t enough work coming in sucks. The real low was when our mum was seriously ill and we both hadn’t expected it to affect us as bad as it did personally and professionally.

Name five qualities people need to be successful in a job like yours A challenger ethos, empathy, conviction, naivety, creativity

Do you have a business mentor? Yes – John Barnett from Easistreet, you can’t have him, he’s ours.

What’s been your favourite piece of press coverage so far? Well we have some great press about to launch as we’ve just won two design awards but aside from that either pieces in Monocle or Wired for our Six Mile Pencil

Name one of your favourite start-ups Bio Bean – They recycle waste coffee grounds and turn them into biofuel. I like how the coffee fuels us then after some tinkering it can fuel in other different ways.


Quick fire round

Apple or Android? Andriod 4 Life
Mac or PC? PC
Apples for hand or melons for feet? Melons
Name two chocolate bars you would put together to make a super bar Snickers + Bounty, I’m going to the shop now…

Lyon & Lyon is a design agency that creates extraordinary work for extraordinary people. They work closely with clients to create innovative and engaging brand experiences. Lyon & Lyon forge their skills in graphic, product, packaging and interior design to offer a unique approach to branding.

Instagram: @lyonandlyon