Interview with Frame and Cover

What’s your name and where do you come from? My name is Corinne Webb and I’m originally from Dorset but I’ve been a Londoner for over 11 years now.

How did you spot a space in the market for your product or service? I’ve been working in the home furnishings industry for over 10 years now and try to be as informed as I can be about the industry. I noticed that there wasn’t much in the way of design led sustainable home furnishing products and felt that in this day and age that should be redressed.

How long did you think about your business before bringing it to life? It took about 3 years to get it to launch. There were a few setbacks along the way. Developing product, manufacturing it and bringing it to market took a lot longer than anticipated. A good few lessons were learnt as well!

How did you raise the funds to start your business? It’s been self-funded (with some generous help from family too) but I’m getting to a point where I need to think about other options.

How do you stay informed – networking, newspapers, social media? All of them. I do all of my own social media so I follow a lot of people and I subscribe to magazines that I want to be in. Networking has become more important. It really helps to meet your contemporaries as you find out that everyone struggles with similar small business/start up issues. At times this can be comforting to know and not only this people often are very willing to share tips.

Tell us about one of your business low-points and what you learnt from it – During the development of our products there were various things that needed to be modified and we had to source a new supplier, which cost time and money. The biggest thing I learnt was to not become discouraged, to persevere, to really look at whether a supplier is right for us and to ask for more detailed quotes. You have to learn to trust that things do happen for a reason and that it will be for the best in the end!

Name five qualities people need to be successful in a job like yours – A love of design, an eye for detail, passion, perseverance and a good brand story.

Do you have a business mentor? I do, I was part of London Met’s Accelerator programme (they were a massive help) whilst there I was paired with a chap who at the time worked for UBS. He’s been helping me out for four years now. His help has been invaluable. I have been lucky to receive help for various different things from marketing to finance from various different places. There is free help out there for startups if you look.

What’s been your favourite piece of press coverage so far? Being featured in the Observer Magazine on Mother’s Day. It was so exciting to be featured in a big national paper on a day when lots of people would have been reading the paper. It was such a huge confidence boost and really lovely brand validation.

Name one of your favourite start-ups – I’m a fan of the Curious Department – I really like their bug crockery and they have a good eye.

Quickfire round

Apple or Android? Android….not a fan of Apple products. They are so aesthetically pleasing but there are a number of things that really annoy me about them.
Mac or PC? PC….see above….mustn’t start an Apple rant!
Apples for hand or melons for feet? Melons for feet for sure – bit more solid and some melon patterns are lovely!
Name two chocolate bars you would put together to make a super bar – Aero Mint bar and a Crunchie…..hhhmmm crunchie mintiness. Might be a bit odd though.

Award winning Frame & Cover was born out of a commitment to creating modern and bespoke UK made home furnishings using wholly sustainable methods.

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