Interview with Caroline Carpenter

What’s your name and where do you come from? Caroline Carpenter from South East London.

Tell us a little bit about the publication(s) you work for? I work for The Bookseller, which is a trade magazine for the book industry that’s been around since 1858. We cover news and features about books, authors, publishers, libraries, bookshops and all aspects of the book trade.

When is the best time of day/week/month for someone to pitch a story to you? Anytime after 11am (as I work on our morning email)

Do you need a press release or will a well thought out pitch email be enough for a story to get written? A well thought out pitch email should be enough for features. With a news story, press releases are usually better as all of the information can be accessed easily.

How many press releases do you receive on a weekly basis (roughly speaking)? Around 20-30.

Name one of your favourite start-ups? Lost My Name. It’s a company which creates amazing personalised children’s books which was founded by ’three dads and uncle’ and is based in East London. They recently announced a new partnership to create a personalised version of a Roald Dahl book which is exciting!

Caroline Carpenter is a Web Editor at The Bookseller. She carries out a variety of tasks across the company including posting on The Bookseller website, sending out newsletters and posting on their social media channels. She also runs all of the social media activity for the YA Book Prize. 

Twitter: @CarolineC1988