Hackney chippie causes a racket

Deep fried strawberries. You might think it’s crazy, but we’ve tried them and they’re delicious, trust us on this one…

For one weekend only, family run fish and chip restaurant Sutton and Sons will be serving up hot battered strawberries with a pot of cool cream to celebrate the final weekend of Wimbledon, which takes place this Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July.

Each serving contains five large juicy strawberries that are battered and deep fried to create a delicious crispy coating and warm centres. A pot of cream on the side provides the perfect dipping sauce for this twist on a classic British dessert that is synonymous with the tennis tournament.

Sutton and Sons have previously made the news with their batter Brussel sprouts and mince pies at Christmas and battered Cadbury’s Cream Eggs at Easter.

Battered Strawberries and Cream will be available at Sutton and Sons on Essex Road Islington, Graham Road Hackney and Stoke Newington High this Wimbledon weekend for £3.50.

If you would like to know more about Sutton and Sons battered strawberries and cream, please contact jemma@thewern.com

Website: http://www.suttonandsons.co.uk/
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Instagram: @suttonandsons
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