Five ways to stay motivated during your working day

I’m often asked how I manage to keep organised and stay focused whilst handling all the ‘stuff’ that comes hand in hand with running your own business. My answer surprises them. A daily routine. Whether you have to take the kids to school, work at home, or commute into an office, a daily routine can do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Below are five things we highly recommend you adding to your daily routine. Trust me, these will help to keep you and your team more motivated, your mind more focused and give you a higher sense of achievement. Let us know how you get on…

Wake up to something each day
Whether it’s watching the news, making a cup of coffee, or checking your emails, it’s important to wake up to something in the morning. It’s like acting out your very own list. Once the first thing has been done, you can move swiftly onto the next. It gives you a purpose and that’s important.

Stay Focused
This doesn’t mean staying in the same position and location all day long. In fact, having regular breaks is key to keeping your mind active. There’s a reason why ‘coffee breaks’ are called just that. Taking a short break from whatever you’re doing a couple of times each day can be truly beneficial.

Get Physical
Partaking in some form of exercise for even 20 minutes a day can give you a new lease of life when you return to your work. If time is tight, pop out for a run or find a space to do your own exercises. Some people find this most effective in the afternoon when we tend to feel sleepier, while some people prefer doing this at the start or end of the day. Why not try it and see what works best for you?

Use lists
Making a list at the end of each day not only helps you to switch off more easily in the evenings, but it means that each day you’re working towards something. This in turn will keep you motivated. Prioritise this list so that the tasks at the top are more urgent and re-assess each day. It’s also important to be realistic so that you feel like you’ve achieved something at the end of the day. Remember, we can’t do everything right now. No matter how good we are!

Free time
However, like with anything, changing things up a bit can also be very effective for helping you to focus. Make sure you leave time in your week for trying something different. This could involve learning a new skill, trying out a new coffee shop to work from or attending an event. Whatever takes your fancy.

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